Apr 15, 2024 | 1 min read

Optimize your GRESB Score with Scaler

Sacha van Tuijn

Scaler has the tools to optimize your GRESB Score and make your submission efficient and effective this reporting season.

  • GRESB Analytics Dashboard: We apply the GRESB Scoring Methodology at the asset level, allowing you to model your GRESB Score and discover exactly which assets are bringing your Score down and across which indicators. Use these detailed analyses and visualizations to directly identify gaps in data coverage per asset, in order to inform outstanding data collection this year, streamline your collection efforts and increase your points earned. Asset visualizations also help you to assess potential input errors that are difficult to identify in spreadsheets and which may impact your Score, for example, in intensity charts and like-for-like comparisons. Once your data is complete for this year's submission, you can use the GRESB dashboard to identify risks and opportunities and begin early on your performance improvement plan for 2025.

  • Automate your GRESB Asset-level Spreadsheet: Input all required and preferred GRESB data points in Scaler with alerts and automatic framework mapping to identify missing, erroneous and outlier data. When collection is complete, generate the calculated data as the GRESB Asset-level Spreadsheet, ready for direct upload into the GRESB Portal. Re-generate the GRESB Spreadsheet as often as you like as you input or update data during the reporting period.

  • Complete the GRESB Management Component: Fill in qualitative data points, select answer sub-options and manage evidence uploads, automate your evidence cover pages, track your completion rate, and stay on top of your point accumulation.

  • Fully automate your submission with our API integration: Once all of your GRESB data is input in Scaler, we can push it to GRESB automatically so you don't have to worry about duplicate reporting efforts, potential errors, or misalignment across platforms.

Contact us today at info@scalerglobal.com to get started with a free pilot and make this your smoothest and highest performing reporting season to date.