Mar 8, 2024 | 2 min read

Meet Emily, Account Operations in NYC

Sacha van Tuijn

Scaler is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive for a wide range of users. Empowering real estate managers to get the most out of their license means we place a heavy focus on user-experience, the onboarding process and platform-fluency.

Our account operations managers-- clients' main touch point with Scaler-- play an important roll in this and are critical to not only our clients' success, but our success as an organization.

Meet Emily, Account Operations based out of our NYC office. Approaching nearly a year at Scaler, Emily joined the team after finishing her studies at Vanderbilt University. During her time there, she pursued a dual major in Environmental Sociology and Political Science. Emily channeled her passion for sustainability into various avenues, including climate lobbying efforts and volunteering with local environmental organizations.

Why did you join Scaler?

I’ve always been very passionate about sustainability and have envisioned a dedicated career in the space. Throughout my academic journey and experiences, I’ve witnessed the increasing need for sustainable solutions to many of the challenges that our planet is facing; this has driven me to seek opportunities where I can make a meaningful impact and contribute to a better future for upcoming generations.

When I discovered Scaler, I was very excited to find a company with many of the same values that I possess. I instantly noticed how driven the team was and how much each individual truly cared about the work they were doing. Coming straight from university, I was enthusiastic to join a small team where I felt like each person was truly valued and played an important role. Joining a rapidly growing company allowed me to have a real impact in my position and has helped me grow along with the team!

What is something you’ve learned since working at Scaler?

I’ve learned a lot since joining Scaler, both from the people surrounding me every day and from the engaging work I do with our clients. The biggest takeaway I’ve come across is that people do care about ESG, but often struggle with knowing where to start. There are hurdles at every step: from data collection, to understanding what the data truly means, to knowing how to address the weak points in a real estate portfolio. By deepening my knowledge of how to address each issue, I’ve learned how to assist our clients along their ESG journey, no matter what stage they’re at.

Scaler has also contributed to my personal career growth by sponsoring my career goals: just four months into my role, the team actively encouraged and supported my pursuit of a LEED Green Associate certification. This experience helped greatly expand my knowledge of the industry, improving my capabilities and the way I interact with our platform.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

The first thing that stands out is the team- each person is not only very supportive and dedicated, but also knowledgable about their specific role. On a daily basis, I’m able to interact and learn from driven industry experts that care about the mission of the company. As someone early in my career, it’s been great to have exposure to such a talented team that’s willing to answer any questions I have & help me in my work.

I also enjoy the chance to experience various work streams; I get to engage with many different areas, including client operations, data input and analytics, product testing and improvement, and more. This opportunity to explore different areas at Scaler allows me to find what I like and excel at so that I can take my career in the direction that works best for me. I consider myself to be a flexible person, so I love working at a flexible company that’s willing to support my growth!