Nov 16, 2023 | 2 min read

New Partner: CLS Holdings

Sacha van Tuijn

16 November 2023, Amsterdam | Scaler has recently started working with CLS Holdings, a FTSE 250 commercial property investment company with a £2.21bn portfolio focused in the UK, Germany and France. CLS specializes in office space with current assets comprising 6.3m sq ft (over 585,290 sq m).

It's always exciting to work with enthusiastic real estate managers and help them take their ESG program to the next level, and CLS Holdings fits that bill. With CLS we are focusing on structuring their ESG data, setting up APIs and eventually using Scaler analytics tools to understand what their data is saying and where they can focus their efforts for improvement. It's a real partnership as we collaborate with the CLS team to continue developing our platform and ensure that our tools, dashboards, features and especially UX are meeting client and market needs.

”From the first contact onwards, our conversations with CLS Holdings were characterised by an open dialogue about the needs of CLS and the capabilities of Scaler today. Because we were able to have open communication, we gained a lot of valuable feedback on prioritization of our product roadmap so we can grow together as partners,” said Tim Twisk, Business Development Manager EMEA at Scaler. “Because CLS knew exactly what they wanted and needed, we got a lot of valuable information about future market needs. Reports like SASB, SECR in the UK, Décret Tertiare in France, distinctions on F-Gas consumptions and a centralized documentation library are examples of features that we're developing with feedback from CLS and were already on our roadmap. To maintain our position as the leading client-focused platform, it's great to see that the direction of our ongoing development meets our clients’ and market needs.”

Scaler recognises the UK as a very important potential growth market. Because of the close connection with mainland Europe, UK-based real estate investment managers have to contend not only with their own reporting frameworks, but often also those coming out of the EU, and need a product that can streamline and alleviate the reporting burden.

Will Ray, ‘Head of Sustainability’ at CLS Holdings said, “CLS Holdings is a leading listed office provider in Europe. We needed a robust and cost-effective platform for sustainability data analytics and reporting. The multiple frameworks we work with and the dynamics of the real estate market mean we need a solution built from experience in Sustainability and European real estate. After an extensive selection process, we chose to partner with Scaler. Their solution, their proactive team and their desire to work with us to continue to improve and create an even better platform with greater capabilities was crucial in our choice. Even in the short time we have started to work with them they have shown their ability to deliver on this promise.”

“I was impressed to see CLS’s commitment to ESG and the steps they have already taken to collect data and report on this. Their process for selecting an ESG data platform was thorough and well-thought out. Furthermore, their commitment to roll out smart meters and other data collection tools throughout their portfolio shows a clear and healthy strategy. Because of the highly diverse and Pan-European portfolio they have, structuring and streamlining all those different data flows can be a huge challenge. And that’s where Scaler comes in. As they fully integrate Scaler into their ESG strategy, it will be exciting to see the positive impact we can support them in making,” Luc van de Boom, Co-Founder & CBO, Scaler.