Mar 29, 2023 | 1 min read

Scaler values: We are long-term impact driven

Sacha van Tuijn

One of the exciting things about being a start-up is the opportunity to craft the company values as a team and develop a strong culture around them.

The first value that drives our work is: We are long-term impact driven.

As a mission-driven company, it’s important that we are developing something that will have a positive impact on our sector and society, and that the decisions we make take a long-term horizon into consideration.

Our designer has represented this through an interpretation of the Rijksmuseum- the national museum of the Netherlands- in Amsterdam where one of our head offices is located. Not only does the building date back almost 140 years, but it also has 5-star BREEAM certificate and is one of the most sustainable museums in the world. Their process of 'going green' started in 2016, and like us, they hold sustainability as one of their core values.

If you are interested in finding out more about their sustainability journey, check out this video by the Dutch Green Building Council.