Mar 3, 2023 | 1 min read

Meet the team: Haley, our product designer

Sacha van Tuijn

We'd like to introduce you to the passionate people helping to build the Scaler platform.

First up, Haley Johnston, our Product Designer.

Why did you join Scaler?

When I was looking for a new role, I knew I wanted to join an early stage startup that had a lean and flexible team. My hope was that working with a smaller team would allow my contribution to feel more impactful, and what I was doing on a day to day basis really made a difference.

When interviewing with Scaler, I really connected with everyone I met. The existing team had great energy and I could see myself collaborating well with everyone. Coming from a real estate background, I also had a tangible idea of the impact Scaler could make. And of course, a mission tied to ESG spoke to me— a new personal challenge and learning opportunity on what I believe is the most important issue of my generation.

What is the most difficult part of your work?

It’s key for me to understand who I’m designing for because the success of Scaler directly ties back to the quality of our clients experience and the insights they’re able to take away from the platform. Even though I came from a real estate background, my experience was in the US market and solely focused on the leasing experience. My target audience was very defined: small, local landlords and property owners with very straightforward needs.

I'm now designing a product for an international audience with different needs and skill levels, and a much broader range of use cases that have to respond to local laws, regulations, certifications types, etc. - But the end result still has to be a user experience that is intuitive and clear for every user type.

How did ESG play a role in your last position?

Although ESG plays a big role at the level of asset management that Scaler works in, it’s really not a top priority for local landlords in the US - I didn’t see it play a significant role in their day to day work. But I believe that will change, and it's interesting to think about how Scaler could add value to their work.